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Rosogolla or Rasgulla is a Traditional Bengali Sweet Dish and no occasion is complete without this sweet treat. Rosogollas are basically dumplings made with Cottage cheese commonly known as chaana or chenaa, cooked in light sugar syrup.
This Classic Bengali Mishti so common in Kolkata  and all over West Bengal that you need not put any effort to get them, they are easily available in your Parar Mishti Dokan, (Neighbourhood Sweet Shop) and we had never considered making them. Even when I moved to Mumbai years ago I used to crave for my lil mishti treat and did find them at Sweet Bengal, hence there was no need to make them.

It was during this last summer break in Kolkata that my son developed a special liking for Rossogolla...he calls them "Nani's sweet white ball".While coming back Mom did get some of the fresh ones packed for us along with some canned "K C Das  Rossogollas", which we enjoyed along with our friends.
Once these got over I got some canned ones from the supermarket but he didn't really relish them, that's when I had to think of making these at home. Now what do I do....we had never seen these been made at home, though they were the most common sweet we grew up eating. Called up mom....asked her how do I  make them, thanks to her recipe I managed to make it.
The best thing was it wasn't as difficult as I thought it would have been, here is the simple recipe for the lovely Bengali Mishti.....on the Auspicious occasion of "Durga Pujo"


Milk - 1 liter
Lemon Juice /vinegar - 1 tablespoon
Sugar - 1 cup
Water - 3 cups


Boil milk in a heavy bottom pot, reduce the flame add the lemon juice or vinegar diluted with a tablespoon of water.

The milk will start cuddling in a minute or so,use a fine muslin cloth or fine mesh to strain the ready chenaa or cottage cheese. Once done wash the chenaa properly as we donot want the taste of lemon or vinegar in our rossogolla.

Squeeze out any extra water, and place the chenna on a plate and let itcool down to a working tempreture so that you dont burn your hand. Mash throughly with your palm, this helps in breaking down the cuddled milk granules and can form a dough on its own.

Divide the chenna into 20 - 22  equal parts and roll them in between your palms to form round balls approx. 2 cms in diameter.

In a large pot make sugar syrup by adding all the sugar and water, Once the sugar has dissolved and the syrup starts boiling add the chenaa ball. Cover and cook for 15- 20 minutes, remember the rosogollas will almost swell up to double its size when its ready .To check if the rossogolla is ready just press one of them and if it springs back to its original size then its ready.

Let the rosogollas cool before you serve them.

"Wishing you all a Very Happy Durga Pujo"


Diluting the lemon juice or vinegar with water helps us in making soft Chenaa with less granules. Soft  Chenaa results in softer granules.
For preparing the syrup, always use a heavy bottom large vessel because the rosogollas will swell up to double there size once they are ready, if you are making in a small vessel then make it in batches as I have done.
While making the syrup ensure that it doesn't get thick, in case the syrup starts getting thick while cooking the rossogollas then add around 2-3 tablespoons of water at a time to dilute the syrup.

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