Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Vegetable Cutlets

Vegetable Cutlets is one of the most popular, yet easy to make. It can be served as a teatime snack or as an appetizer for a get together, however you serve it whenever you serve it, its sure to please all.

These cutlets are mildly spicy with a nice and moist core but very crispy on the outside. As I was making these for my son's class party and wanted it to be colorful so I have used carrots, corn, french beans, peas and red bell pepper along with boiled and mashed potatoes  but you could also add cauliflower, beetroots etc.

Here is a simple and easy to follow recipe for Vegetable Cutlets.


Carrot,grated - 1 medium
French beans, finely chopped - 1/4th cup
Green peas, shelled - 1/2 cup (I used frozen ones)
Corn kernels - 1/4th cup (I used frozen ones)
Red bell pepper, diced - 1/2 cup (you could add any or a mix of green, red yellow)
Paneer, crumbled - 1/2 cups
Boiled potatoes - 1 medium
Bread slice - 3
Onion, finely chopped - 1 medium
Green chillies - 2-3 (adjust according to taste)
Ginger, grated - 1 tablespoon
Green coriander, chopped - 2-3 tablespoon
Fresh mint leaves, chopped - 2 tablespoon
Garam Masala powder - 1 teaspoon
Salt to taste
Breadcrumbs - 1 cup
Oil - 2 tablespoons and extra for deep frying.


Heat 2 tablespoon of oil in a kadhai, add chopped onions and green chillies and fry until the onions become translucent. Add chopped beans, corn kernels and  green peas and fry for 2-3 minutes.

Add the grated carrots, mix well and fry for 2-3 minutes and add the chopped red bell pepper, along with salt and garam masala powder, mix well and and fry for a minute or two.

Add crumbled paneer, mix well and fry for 2-3 minutes. Turn off the flame and  let it cool for 5-7 minutes.

While the vegetable mix is cooling, peal and mash the boiled potatoes.
Trim the sides of the bread slice and soak it in water for 2 minutes. Remove and press between your palm to get rid of excess water  and keep aside.

Place the mashed potatoes in a large mixing bowl, add the cooled vegetable and paneer mixture, along with chopped coriander and mint, mix well and add the moist bread, mix well.

Check the seasoning, if required adjust according to taste. Divide the cutlet mixture into 14 to 16, equal portions and shape into almost half inch thick round discs.

In a mixing bowl add the corn flour and water and make a batter.( Note, we don't need a very thick batter, it should be thin just to coat the cutlets please refer to the picture) Place the bread crumbs in a bowl and keep it handy. 

Dip one cutlet at a time in the cornflour batter and quickly roll over the bread crumb to ensure the cutlets are well coated keep aside.

Repeat the same process until all the cutlets are done. Refrigerate the cutlets for an hour or until you want to fry them.

For deep frying, heat sufficient oil in a kadhai, carefully slide the cutlets into the hot oil, let it fry on one side for 2-3 minutes, flip and fry the other side until golden brown. Using a slotted spoon remove cutlets from oil and keep on absorbent paper.

Serve hot along with green chutney or tomato ketchup.

Makes - 14-16 cutlets


The best thing about these are that they can be prepared in advance and can be frozen for later use. (Best consumed within 3-4 days)

I have deep fried these cutlets but you could even shallow fry them for a healthier version. For shallow frying the cutlets heat around 2-3 tablespoons of cooking oil in a frying pan and fry until its golden brown on both sides.

Wednesday, December 24, 2014

White Chocolate and Cranberry Fudge.

White Chocolate and Cranberry Fudge is a quick and easy dessert which can be made in minutes. It hardly requires any preparation, you just need to have the ingredients handy and of course the setting time which is around 2 - 3 hours can not be ignored. However you could make it faster by keeping it in the refrigerator, I mostly do that as nor me or my son can keep waiting for 2 long hours :).

I am really not a white chocolate fan but some how love this fudge, apart form cranberry I have added walnuts and pistachios, they add an extra crunch to the Fudge. Here is the simple and quick recipe for "White Chocolate and Cranberry Fudge".


White chocolate chips or bar - 340 grams (I used a full bag )
Condensed Milk - 1can
Dried Cranberries - 1/2 cup + 1 tablespoon for garnish.
Walnuts - 1/2 cup
Pistachios - 1/4th cup
Vanilla Essence - 1/2 teaspoon (optional)
Oil - 1 teaspoon for greasing the foil.


Chop the nuts and berries roughly and keep aside. We have an extra 1 tablespoon of cranberries, finely chop those for garnishing.

Line a 8X8 inch square pan with aluminium foil and apply some cooking oil.

Place the chocolate chips in a microwave safe bowl, add the condensed milk and microwave on high for 3 minutes (1 minute at a time, remove mix with a spatula and again run for a minute repeating the process one more time. If you feel that there are still some bits of chocolate left just microwave for another 30 seconds or just ignore as it will melt while we mix the nuts.)

After microwaving for 1 minute mix well and repeat.

This is how it looks after 2 minutes cooking in microwave. Mix well and repeat.

After 3 minutes. If you see these small bits of chocolate either ignore and proceed or microwave once more for 30 seconds. 

This is how it looked after 3 minutes and 30 seconds in the microwave.

Add the chopped walnuts and Pistachios and mix well,add the chopped cranberries and mix once more.

Transfer the ready fudge mixture to the foil lined and greased pan. Spread evenly and garnish with finely chopped cranberries.

Let it set for at least 2 - 3 hours or if you are in a hurry then place it in the refrigerator for an hour or until firm. Using a sharp knife cut it into 2X2 inches squares.

Serve at room temperature.


Well there is nothing much but please be really careful while melting the chocolate.We need to microwave for a total of 3 minutes but 1 minute at a time, remove mix with a spatula and again run for a minute repeating the process one more time. 
I have not used vanilla essence as my chocolate was vanilla flavored however you could add it once the chocolate chips have melted and then continue with adding the nuts.
To check if the fudge is set or not, just touch and check if its firm so you can cut.
Once cut you can store it in an airtight box in the refrigerator and very important if you are stacking them then place apiece of parchment paper or baking paper to avoid them from sticking to each other.

Thursday, December 18, 2014

Green Tomato Curry

Green Tomato Curry is a tangy and spicy curry prepared with green tomatoes.

Green tomato is basically the unripe tomato, its firm and sour in taste and I just love them. As a young girl I always loved eating raw tomatoes cut into wedges and sprinkled with salt and red chilli powder....and believe me it used to taste yum. Now it's a bit difficult eating them that way because plucking fresh and eating is a different story all together. However I never miss a chance of relishing these green beauties as I just can't resist them and always have a wedge or two while chopping.....

Couple of days back I came across these green tomatoes at the supermarket, had to pick them up. Though these were firm and nice but once I cut them, they had just started turning red as you can see in the pictures. Anyways I made Green tomato curry out of these, its a simple yet very delicious preparation and goes well with  simple dal rice, khichdi or just enjoy it with chapati or paratha . 

Here is the simple and easy recipe for Green tomato curry.


Firm green tomatoes - 5-6 pcs (medium size)
Onion, finely chopped - 1 (medium size)
Garlic, finely grated - 1 teaspoon
Green chillies, chopped - 2 pcs
Mustard seeds - 1 teaspoon
Turmeric powder - 1/2 teaspoon
Red chilli powder - 1 teaspoon
Coriander powder - 1 tablespoon 
Jaggery, grated / Sugar - 1 teaspoon (optional)
Salt to taste 
Oil - 2 tablespoon


Clean wash and chop the tomatoes.

In a small bowl mix all the dry masala powder along with two tablespoon of water and make a paste. Keep aside.

Heat oil in a kadhai, add the mustard seeds, once they start popping and release aroma add the chopped onions and fry for a minute or two, then add the grated garlic, mix well and fry.

Once the onion turns translucent add the masala paste and fry for 4-5 minutes or until the saw smell of the masalas is gone and oil starts appearing on the sides of the kadhai. (If the masala starts to get too dry add a tablespoon of water)

Add the chopped tomatoes along with chopped green chillies, mix well add salt, cover and cook until tomatoes become tender but not mushy. There is no need to add water as the tomatoes can cook in their own juice. 

Add the grated jaggery or sugar mix well, let it cook for 2-3 minutes and turn off the heat.

Serve Hot.


Please use raw and firm green tomatoes for this recipe.
Making a paste of the masala helps avoid the dry powdered masala from getting burnt.
Adding Jaggery or Sugar is optional, this helps in balancing the sour taste of the green tomatoes.
You could add some roasted and crushed peanuts, it gives a nice crunch to the dish.