Monday, April 27, 2015

Scrambled Egg Fried Rice.

 Scrambled Egg Fried Rice is a very quick and easy preparation which goes well with with most Chinese side dishes or can be enjoyed on its own with some spicy sauce too.

Scrambled Egg Fried rice.
There are days when you are in just no mood of cooking an elaborate meal but crave for something quick and nice, that's when this comes really handy. Oh not to forget you should have some leftover rice in the fridge and a couple of eggs which I guess is usually available
If you also love eggs and rice I am sure you would love it too, here is a simple and easy recipe for a quick meal which I call comfort food,


Eggs - 2
Cooked rice - 2 cups
Green onions,chopped - 2 tablespoons
Black pepper, freshly crushed - 1/4th teaspoon (Optional)
Salt to taste
Oil - 4 teaspoons


Heat oil in a wok or kadhai,  Crack two eggs into the hot oil, add salt and quickly whisk until it starts to cuddle and forms lumps, don't let the eggs dry up. (I like to do this with a fork)

Once the eggs are done add the cooked rice and mix well,

Season with salt and freshly crushed pepper, chopped green onions, Mix well fry for a minute or two and turn off the flame.

Serve hot with your favorite side dish or just enjoy with a dash of soy sauce and chilli sauce or just have it with some spicy schezwan sauce.


I like to make this with leftover rice but if by any chance you want to make it with fresh cooked rice then do let it cool down to room temperature.
I usually like to use one medium sized egg per cup of rice which actually works out quite well but you could always adjust the eggs as per personal preference, after all its comfort food which is not only for the tummy but for the soul too :)
While cooking the eggs just leave it a bit under cooked, once we add the rice and fry it will be nice n fluffy but if we cook it 100% then once the rice is added it tends to get a bit chewy.
Adding crushed pepper is optional, if you don't relish it then just omit it.   


  1. delicious...I also make this for my kids.

    1. Thanks, son loves it too...he calls it eggy rice :)

  2. Looks very yum Preeti! Always tried making egg fried rice at home but couldn't do it this good - will give your recipe a try this time :)

    1. Thanks, Tasneem...its damn easy do give it a try :)

  3. Brilliant photographs! wow....lovely n delicious .it tastes yummy too!
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