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Aam Panna Concentrate

Aam Panna is a very Popular summer drink make with raw mangoes, its not just a refreshing drink but also helps in preventing against heat strokes. Its specially prepared In Northern India where it gets extremely hot during the summer months, 

"Aam Panna Concentrate"
My mom in law says its works as a medicine and she ensured every member in the family had it before they left the house. Some time ago I had posted ter recipe for Aam Panna  on the blog, its actually very easy to make and very refreshing too.Sometimes you don't feel like making the same thing over and over again and that's when this Aam panna concentrate comes really handy.

Click on the picture below to read the complete recipe for Aam Ka Panna.

 Aam Panna
Aam Ka Panna
I have been making this Aam Panna Concentrate for past few years and I fell its worth sharing, so this time when I prepared I took the pictures for the blog. Moreover I find it to be one of the perfect Iftar drink, as it is not only a thirst quencher but also provides instant energy and moreover once the concentrate is ready all you need to do is just mix it with water, add ice if u like n serve.

This year Ramadan starts in June so for sure I am going to make some more of these in advance.
The best part about this is that it contains no artificial colour or preservatives but yes it has to be stored in the refrigerator for a longer shelf life. By the way you can also use this concentrate as a really tastes good.

Here is the step by step recipe to make Aam Panna Cncentrate.


Raw mango - 1 kg
Sugar - 700 grams
Kala Namak - 1 tablespoon
Roasted cumin powder - 1 tablespoon +1 teaspoon
Fresh Mint leaves - 200 grams (approximately 1 large bunch)
Juice of 1 lemon.
Table Salt - 1 teaspoon


Wash and peal the raw mangoes, chop them roughly into chunks and discard the seed. Place them in a large vessel and add sugar and table salt. Mix well.

Within moments of adding sugar and salt you will notice that the mangoes start to release water, now add around 3 cups of water and place the vessel on the gas top and let it come to a boil. Once it starts boiling, add half the lemon juice, reduce flame and let the mango's cook until they are tender and look translucent.

Turn off the gas and remove the vessel from the gas top and let it cool. Once it reaches room temperature, use a sieve to separate the mango pulp from the syrup.

Transfer the pulp into a mixer and grind it to form a paste, Add this paste to the syrup and mix well and keep aside. If needed use a hand blender to mix the syrup n pulp. Few bits here and there are fine.

Clean and wash the mint leaves, put them in a grinder along with the remaining lemon juice and make a paste, if needed add a tablespoon or two of water.

Add the mint paste to the mango syrup mixture mix well and add the roasted cumin seeds alond with the kala namak.

Mix well and cook this aam panna once more, first let the mix come to a boil and then reduce the flame and let it cook for another 3-5 minutes, the mixture will thicken, turn off the flame and let this cool completely.

Once cool, carefully fill it into a clean and dry glass bottle.

To prepare Aam Panna from concentrate. (1 serving)

2 tablespoon of Aam Panna Concentrate
Ice cubes as required

Just pour the Aam Panna concentrate in a glass, add the ice cubes and water, Mix well and serve chilled.

If you want a fizzy option then just replace the water with plain soda and enjoy.


Adding lemon juice to the mangoes while cooking along with sugar prevents the formation of crystals.

I added lemon juice while making mint paste as it helps retain the fresh green colour of mint.

Before you finally place the pot of Aam panna to boil just check for the seasoning and adjust according to taste.

This Aam Panna Concentrate can last up to 2 months if kept refrigerated. If you want to keep it outside then you can add preservative like Sodium Benzoate or Citric acid. I have never used preservative so have no idea about the quantity to be used.

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